Through the years, as the publisher and editor in chief of Heroic Publishing I've had the opportunity to work with many wonderful creative talents.

Some of them were already well known, and well established. There have also been many fledging artists taking their first steps on a the path of developing the skills of the comic book artist craftsman.

In the coming year, we at Heroic Publishing will be taking things to the next level, bringing new stories not only to comic books, but also to video and film.

Here, in the CREATORS' CORNER, we highlight many of the artists who have helped make our universe what it is today.

Learn all about the creative people who bring you FLARE, SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, WITCHGIRLS INC, LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS and all the other great Heroic Publishing superhero titles.

On these pages, pics, bios, art galleries, and even social media contact info will now be availabe to you with a single click!

Dennis Mallonee