Whether you live in the US or overseas, you can now subscribe to every comic book we publish!

For a donation of $135 we'll send you a copy of each of the next 30 comic books we publish. That's $4.50 a copy, a discount of at least 10% off the cover price, even more off higher-priced annuals and upcoming super-sized issues.

And we'll pay the postage!

So take advantage of offer today, and lock in a Global Subscription to every comic book Heroic Publishing publishes.

If you live overseas and want a Global Subscription package, contact us at with the subject line "International Global Subscriptions" and we can customize something for you designed to minimize shipping costs. We can, for example, deliver a Global Subscription package of 30 issues to most European countries for $175.

Please note that Global Subscription packages exclude trade paperbacks and color reprint editions of existing black-and-white comic books titles. On request, if there are specific titles or issues you do not want to receive, they may be excluded from a Global Subscription package.