11 December 2017

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the FLARE and G-GIRL Kickstarters a success. Copies of both Flare #47 and Sensational G-Girl #6 were received from our printer much earlier than expected, which enabled us to start sending out rewards to supporters right away. The Flare rewards are complete. The G-Girl rewards are almost complete, with only a few pieces of original artwork remaining to be delivered. Please keep your eyes open. Kickstarters for the Black Enchantress and Chapter Two of "The Challenge of the Gods" will be coming soon.

25 November 2017

Only two days left on Billi Jayne's Kickstarter! There are still a bunch of great rewards to choose from, including (as of this moment) one remaining copy of the limited edition version of Sensational G-Girl #1. So even if you can't make a pledge, please spread the word about the G-Girl Kickstarter far and wide on social media.

21 November 2017

Thanks to all her supporters on Kickstarter, FLARE #47 is at the printer! We should have copies ready to go out in time for Christmas. And with only a few days to go on the G-Girl Kickstarter, any help Billi Jayne's fans can give spreading the word on social media will be greatly appreciated.

11 November 2017

Add LUIS RIVERA to the list of G-Girl artists offering original art as rewards for the G-Girl Kickstarter. Luis has created four original G-Girl drawings on 7" x 9" Bristol board, available on a first-pledged first-choice basis at the $60 level.

9 November 2017

HENRY MARTINEZ has just offered two new reward options for the G-Girl Kickstarter. At the $40 level, an original ACEO drawing on 2.5" x 3.5" card. At the $150 dollar level a full-sized drawing on 11" x 17" comic book art board. It's a wonderful opportunity to fans of the G-Girl to get some original G-Girl art!

7 November 2017

The second super-sized 52-page issue of THE HUNTSMAN is now on sale. This issue features the classic conclusion to the three-part "Origin of the Huntsman," PLUS for the first time in color part one of the Huntsman/Psyche crossover "The Case of the Living Dead Man," PLUS a classic tale of the time-traveling hero ETERNITY SMITH.

6 November 2017

Wow! This is so cool! On the heels of the Flare KickStarter, we set up one for our Sensational G-Girl, and it reached its goal on DAY ONE, even before we could start telling everyone about it. Now, with that totally unexpected early success under our belt, we're looking toward reaching a stretch goal for Sensational G-Girl #7. You can see a cover mockup for that issue just to the right. And Billi Jayne can definitely use your help with this. So even if you can't make a pledge, please spread the word far and wide on social media. The Sensational G-Girl Kickstarter is here:

4 November 2017

The FLARE Kickstarter was a success! We'll be sending FLARE #47 to our printer ASAP! To everyone who contributed to this, whether by making a pledge or simply by spreading the word on social media, our profound gratitude and thanks!

2 November 2017

Only one more day to go until the Flare Kickstarter ends. There are still a lot of great rewards to choose from. Please help Flare out by making a pledge!

1 November 2017

Here are the first three Beachum FLARE pieces! Only today and tomorrow to go before the FLARE Kickstarter ends! Make a pledge and choose your reward!

27 October 2017

GLAM SEXY COOL Mark Beachum Original Art

For the FLARE Kickstarter, Mark Beachum is doing five original sketches of FLARE on 6 7/8" x 10 1/2" comic book backing board. Over the course of the next several days, as he completes them we'll post them here for you to see. Pledge $100, and we'll send you the sketch of your choice (first pledge, first choice) along with an autographed copy of each of five issues of FLARE that have Mark Beachum covers. The set of comics will include FLARE #2, #3, #42, #43, and #44.

27 October 2017

There's also the original art for a classic Flare cover available right now on eBay. This is the piece Gordon Purcell drew featuring Flare's favorite frenemy, Nyx. It ended up as the cover of Flare #28. You can see it on eBay here:

24 October 2017

We just added a couple of rewards to the Flare Kickstarter. Luis Rivera has offered to do a few original 11 x 17 drawings. And the big one is a page of actual original FLARE artwork from Flare v3 #2. This is the page in which our glittering heroine first meets the winsome Whipperette, drawn and autographed by Gordon Purcell!

21 October 2017

We've relaunched our Patreon page, with the focus on the Sensational G-Girl. Patreon is a wonderful way for fans of Billi Jayne to support her on an ongoing basis. On Patreon, you can choose your monthly level of support, from as little as a dollar each month all the way up to $50 or more. And from the $3 level on up, every Patreon supporter will get access starting in November to an esclusive G-Girl Preview Page right here on the Heroic Publishing website. We already have a brand-new four-page G-Girl story ready to go that (for a while) will be available only on the G-Girl Preview Page! You can see exactly what rewards are available by visiting Billi Jayne's Patreon page here: (but right now, you may need to use a Firefox browser to do it; Patreon seems to be having trouble with some versions of Chrome and Opera).

19 October 2017

The artwork for Sensational G-Girl #6 is complete! James Webb has just finished all 18 pages of the lead story, in which Billi Jayne meets the super-stretchy Rubber-Band Man. And Gordon Purcell has added a 6 page backup feature in which a secret from out of the G-Girl's past is finally revealed. This issue is scheduled to go to the printer in early December, and will be on sale in mid January. If you haven't already done it, you can place an advance order and reserve your copy today!

18 October 2017

Today we added as a reward option to the Flare Kickstarter an 11" x 17" autographed color print of that beautiful Mark Beachum cover you see down below. And more reward options are coming! Please spread word about this on social media. In order to make this work, we definitely need all the help from Flare fans we can get.

17 October 2017

We've added a few rewards to the Flare Kickstarter. Mark Propst, Rob Jones, and Gordon Purcell have all been kind enough to offer original Flare sketches as rewards. If you've ever had a hankering for original Flare art, this Kickstarter is your chance to make that dream come true. Also new is an opportunity to subscribe to all 13 issues of the upcoming "FLARE: The Challenge of the Gods" series. Please kick on over to the Kickstarter, and help us make this project a success.

16 October 2017

There's a very nice YouTube video produced by Luca Torzolini that promotes Ulderico Fioretti's upcoming Jay-Na the Jungle Queen graphic novel. When you have a few minutes, take a look at it here:

14 October 2017

We've just launched a Kickstarter for Flare #47. This issue is Book One of the 13-part "Challenge of the Gods" sequence scheduled to appear next year across four different Heroic Publishing titles. This is an experiment. The issue is already complete and ready to go. What the Kickstarter is looking for is money to pay for the printing. The Kickstarter project is here: There are several excellent rewards available, including opportunities to appear as a character in upcoming issues. Please tweet and retweet about this, post to Facebook, and otherwise spread the word.

13 October 2017

This is new! Visit the Heroic Publishing Creators' Corner and learn all about the talented people who create your favorite Heroic Publishing titles!

12 October 2017

Want to own a piece of Heroic Publishing history? Right now, there are a several pages of original art from early issues of League of Champions available on eBay, along with a few pieces of cover art from various issues. Check out what's available here:

10 October 2017

And today, HUNTSMAN #2 and MURCIELAGA SHE-BAT #17 were sent to the printer. The She-Bat issue features the concluding chapter of the origin of the She-Bat, and the super-sized Huntsman issue features the concluding chapter of the origin of the Huntsman plus classic bonus adventures starring Psyche and Eternity Smith. They'll be available in mid November. But you can definitely place an order for your copies today. Also, if you haven't previously considered getting a global subscription to every title we publish, this would be a really good time to do it, because doing that will give you a huge discount on the super-sized Huntsman issue.

9 October 2017

CHAMPIONS #66 is at the printer! Order your copy today!

1 October 2017

NEWS FLASH! Gordon Purcell is offering some of his original FLARE and G-GIRL art right now on eBay. This includes his cover for FLARE #28, featuring Lady Darkon, and the first five pages from his "Journal of Billi Jayne Jensen" story that will appear in Sensational G-Girl #6. The bidding ends Sunday morning, October 8. To place a bid on one of the pieces you see below, just click on the image.

26 September 2017

Gordon Purcell just send us the last pages of pencils for the second story in Sensational G-Girl #6. This is a short, but significant story, in that it gives us our first significant clue as to what really happened on the night Will Jensen lost the power of Giant, and the Sensational G-Girl was born.

25 September 2017

Hoo-hah! All the artwork for Champions #66 is in, which means we'll probably bump it forward in the schedule by a bit. There's still color work to do, but everyting else, including lettering, is done. In this issue of Champions, the focus is on the romantic misadventures of SPARKPLUG. Taking it From her star-crossed relationship with ace reporter Jimmy Dooley, to her ambiguous relationship with the G-Girl's little brother Jimmy, we'll be giving you a meaningful yet fun-filled look at just what it is that makes Sparkplug tick. Get ready for it by placing your order today.

24 September 2017

There's only a week left to take advantage of our special back issue offer. If you place an order for Heroic Publishing back issues totaling $50 or more, we'll also send you a free copy of the Alter Ego trade paperback by Roy Thomas and Ron Harris. The offer ends on October 1. So if there are any issues of Flare, Champions, Sensational G-Girl, or any other Heroic title you're missing, get that order in before October 2 rolls around.

19 September 2017

More lettering was done today for Sensational G-Girl #6. As of right now, we've completed 14 of 18 pages for the "Rubber-Band Man" story, and 4 of 6 pages for the "Journal of Billi Jayne" story. Not much more to go!

14 September 2017

Physical copies of the first Sensational G-Girl trade paperback are here way ahead of schedule! Place your order today!



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