We've just started adding some really nifty merchandise to the Heroic Publishing storefront on Check it out here: In our Zazzle store, you can get stuff featuring Flare, the G-Girl, the Liberty Girl, and much more to come!

4 March 2021
Only a few days left on our crowdfunding effort for Huntsman #4 & #5. Back this project and choose your reward today!

26 February 2021
IT'S ON! Sean Harrington has started planning our special, expanded anniversary edition of the Lana/Flare crossover, featuring all the original material, plus brand-new pinup pages and a brand-new Flare/Lana story! Visit the Flare project page and find out how you can support this project!

24 February 2021
Our Huntsman project has officially launched on Kickstarter! It's two issues of the Huntsman, both\ t the same time. Check it out here.

12 February 2021
ALERT! We have exactly one remaining copy of the special limited edition of Champions #57, featuring a naughty Tigress cover by Paul Abrams! If you want it, act fast! Visit the Tigress project page, and grab it before it's gone!

8 February 2021
Copies of Tigress #10 has arrived! Subscription copies and Kickstarter rewards will be going out starting tomorrow. If you haven't yet ordered your copy of this issue, visit the Tigress project page, make a contribution, and choose your reward!

6 February 2021
NEXT UP: THE HUNTSMAN! This month, we'll be focusing on finishing up the color work for Huntsman #4, and bringing that issue to print. The thing is, we don't have that much farther to go! GIUSEPPE PICA has started adding color to Chapter Two of the classic Huntsman/Psyche adventure, "The Case of the Living Dead Man." Everything else that will be featured in this issue is ready to go. You can help us get this done by visiting the Huntsman project page, making a donation, and choosing your reward!

5 February 2021
YOU DID IT! Our crowdfunding effort for Murcielaga She-Bat #19 was a success! Daerick Gross Sr is now hard at work on completing the coloring. And as soon as that's done, the newest issue of Murcielaga She-Bat will go straight to our printer.

4 February 2021
We have a new, fourth page of GORDON PURCELL artwork for Black Enchantress #6. Check it out on the Black Enchantress project page.

28 January 2021
Only one week left to go on our crowdfunding effort for Murcielaga She-Bat #19. Back this project and choose your reward today!

21 January 2021
MARK BEACHUM has an awesome crowdfunding project underway. You can offer your support for it and choose your reward here.

16 January 2021
You can also now follow us on

16 January 2021
CHRIS MARRINAN tells us he's champing at the bit to get working again on the next issue of LIBERTY GIRL! Visit the Liberty Girl project page and find out how you can make your contribution to the effort, and earn yourself some great rewards.

14 January 2021
It's live! Our new Murcielaga She-Bat crowdfunding effort is up and running and going strong. Make a contribution and choose your reward. You can find it here:

12 January 2021
ANDREW PEPOY has a crowdfunding effort going on IndieGoGo. Check it out here: It's already funded, but it's still going, and there are still some great rewards available.

11 January 2021
Our good friend BILLY TUCCI has a very successful crowdfunding effort underway for his new SHI project. It's running in slightly different versions on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Check 'em out. Choose your rewards.

11 January 2021
WOW! Our Tigress fundraising effort was far more successful than we expected or ever hoped for. Thanks to every fan who contributed to it, we're not only able to get the special tenth issue of the Tigress into print, we're well on our way toward reaching our goal for contributions to Tigress #9. Keep watching! Updates will be posted.

10 January 2021
Last day for our Tigress kickstarter! If you haven't already claimed a reward, now's the time to do it.

9 January 2021
We've added reward options for Murcielaga She-Bat #19. There are 11"x17" She-Bat posters available! Check them out on the She-Bat project page.

8 January 2021
You can also now follow us on @heroicpublishing.

3 January 2021
Happy New Year, everyone! We've started the ball rolling on Murcielaga She-Bat #19, which will feature (for the first time in color) the booklength 27-page conclusion to the "Rings for a Demon" storyline. The color work for this classic tale of the She-Bat and the Reiki Warriors will be done by none other than the Reiki's creator, Daerick Gross Sr. If you'd like to support this project, visit the She-Bat project page, make a contribution, and choose your reward.

26 December 2020
We've just launched a Kickstarter for the Tigress, and it's already more than achieved its goal! As always, there are some really great rewards available, include digital and physical comics, plus a few copies of some naughty Limited Edition Tigress comic books. Make your contribution and choose your reward from the Tigress's Kickstarter page.

18 December 2020
Featured starting this week on the Flare webcomic: The Origin of Flare!

17 December 2020
We have copies of Jay-Na the Jungle Queen #2, and Kickstarter rewards will start going out shortly. If you'd like to get a copy, you can order it from the Jay-Na project page.

14 December 2020
It's a blast from the past! Starting this week, the Sensational G-Girl webcomic will be featuring the origin of her grampa, the original Giant.

11 December 2020
Thanks to all the fans who contributed to it, our Jay-Na Kickstarter was a success! And there is still time to get some of the rewards. Visit the Jay-Na project page and find out how.

8 December 2020
OSKI YANEZ is ready to move forward on the artwork for the ninth issue of our TIGRESS comic book. Find out more about this issue by visiting the Tigress project page.

7 December 2020
Thanks to everyone who's backed our Jay-Na the Jungle Queen project, we've reached our goal on Kickstarter! But there's still a stretch goal to reach, and there's still time to contribute and choose your reward. Take a look.

4 December 2020
Christmas is coming! That means it's time for Santa's li'l elfin granddaughter, Chrissie Claus! Stuff your stocking with a copy of the Chrissie trade paperback!

2 December 2020
We're putting together a special tenth issue of The Tigress meant specifically to help support production work for the brand-new story that will appear in issue #9. Want to reserve a copy? Visit the Tigress project page. Make a contribution and choose your reward right now.

30 November 2020
We have a third page of Gordon Purcell artwork for Black Enchantress #6. Visit the Black Enchantress's project page and take a look!

26 November 2020
We've just launched a small Kickstarter to help raise the rest of the funds we need to cover printing and shipping costs for Jay-Na the Jungle Queen #2. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Please share this link on social media:

25 November 2020
Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to spend it with friends, family, and loved ones.

15 November 2020
Twitter's quite a bit more limiting in what can be posted, but for fans who have Twitter accounts we'll try as best we can to make the same postings on Twitter that we do on Parler. Engage with us! Our new handle at is @heroicpublish



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