7 August 2017

Black Enchantress #5 is at the printer!.

2 August 2017

Super special surprise! We've slipped an extra bonus issue of Sensational G-Girl into the schedule. The issue with the Rubber-Band Man story will still be coming out at about the same time it otherwise would have, but now the Rubber-Band Man issue will be designated as #6. In October (or maybe early November), issue #5 will contain three G-Girl tales, and boast a glorious Mark Beachum cover. First up is an 18th birthday mini-adventure, "Surprise," by Dennis Mallonee and Henry Martinez. Then the G-Girl meets Sylvia the Last Vampire, in a brand-new adventure by Terrance Griep and Dell Barras. Finally, the the question arises: Just where does the G-Girl's awesome strength actually come from? Find out in "The Source," by Dennis Mallonee and Luis Rivera. This really was a spur-of-the-moment thing. We looked at our story inventory, realized we had exactly what we needed to put another issue together, and decided "Why not?" For those of you who can't wait for the print edition, the digital edition is already available on Kindle, DriveThruComics, and here on the Heroic Publishing website.

29 July 2017

WitchGirls Inc #12 and Sensational Girl #4 are now on sale! Our August releases came back early from our printer, so there's no reason to make you wait. If you haven't already done it, order your copies today!

20 July 2017

For the early birds who just can't wait, we've made a digitial edition of the upcoming Sensational G-Girl trade paperback available on DriveThruComics, and here on the Heroic Publishing website. This trade paperback features Billi Jayne's earliest adventures, including two brand-new stories that haven't yet been published in a comic book. And one of those new stories reveals for the first time "The Secret Origin of the Sensational G-Girl." One thing to note is that there's still a little work to be done on the coloring of the origin story. As soon as that work is done, we'll revise the digital edition and notify anyone who purchases it that there's an update to download. It's just that people have been asking about this for so long, we thought we should get it out there for you as soon as we had it. And for those of you who do want the print version, that will likely be available sometime in late August or early September.

16 July 2017

The Sensational G-Girl now has her own Facebook page at She'll be available to take questions and respond to comments. Hop on over and tell Billi Jayne what you think.

15 July 2017

Icicle #8 and Champions #65 are here! Subscription copies will be going out early next week. And we'll also be including a surprise or two for our Global Subscribers.

7 July 2017

Love the completed version of the Alessandro Scacchia piece we're using as the cover of Sensational G-Girl #4. When Alessandro first sketched it, he didn't even know it would tie right in with an upcoming "G-Girl in Asgard" story. Serendipity is a wonderful thing. In any event, you'll want to get hold of this issue, because it not only features a whole slew guest stars, including NAOMI BATTLE SQUIRREL, it helps sets the stage for what's eventually going to be an epic showdown between the League of Champions and the occult criminal organization, DEMON.

15 June 2017

Also, Icicle #8 is finally out the door, and in our printer's hands.

14 June 2017

Champions #65 is at the printer. This is a special issue featuring two classic adventures of PSYCHE THE OCCULT DETECTIVE. "The Ghost of Chance" is by Terrance Griep, David Gross, and Terry Pallot. "Mermaid of the Potomac" is by Steve Perrin and Chris Marrinan, and features special guest appearances by the Huntsman and Miranda the Mermaid. The Miranda story, in particular, ties in with a couple of upcoming storylines that will appear in Liberty Girl and Sensational G-Girl. Enjoy!

1 June 2017

The final piece of the puzzle has arrived. We now have everything we needed to put together the "missing" volume of Flare's adventures, collected from her appearances in various issues of Champions, Flare, Flare Adventures, Flare First Edition, and Flare Annual, and adorned with a wonderful Paul Abrams cover. These are the tales that hearken back to the origin of Flare, and bridge the gap between the final issue of her original series, and the beginning of her current series. It will be at least a couple of months until the print version of this 152-page volume is available, but we have put together a digital version you can downoload from the PDF store right here on the Heroic Publishing website.

31 May 2017

We were saddened to learn yesterday evening that Albert Deschesne had passed away. Albert had been a mainstay of Heroic Publishing almost since the inception of the company, first with his lettering work and a bit of inking. More recently he'd expanded his repertoire to include some wonderful coloring. The final color work Albert did for us will appear in Murclelaga She-Bat #16, and eventually on the cover of Captain Thunder #13. Albert was not only a valued colleague, but a true friend. He will be missed.

24 May 2017

The trade paperbacks are here! We have two new collections of classic tales of FLARE and the LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS. The League trade features the entire six-part "War Against Olympus" storyline that introduced the gods of Olympus into the Heroic multiverse. The Flare trade features the entire run of her "Adventures in Olympus" sequence, the set of stories that introduced the night-goddess Nyx. They're beautiful books, with covers by Chris Marrinan and Paul Abrams. If you haven't yet read these stories, grab these trade paperbacks now. They serve as a necessary prologue to our upcoming multi-part "Challenge of the Gods" storyline.



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